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Welcome to the place for ambitious growth and positivity seekers who are, at the same time, anti-hustle and soft gals at heart. The best people - the Gold Blooms.

Join me in redefining what hustle means and embracing being lazily ambitious - because success doesn't have to come at the cost of your well-being.


My blog full of musings, learnings, advice, and insights designed to either inspire, uplift, guide, or simply be relatable. Because, like you, I'm both lazy and ambitious... I've started some things, learned a lot, have opinions that might make traditional hustlers gasp in outrage, and think it could be nice to write about them and see if anyone finds it helpful.


Anti-hustle/slow living + ambitious/growth seeker = Gold Bloom

Gold Blooms are people who, like me, are anti-hustle culture but still ambitious. Whether you're driven by wanting to make an impact, have purpose, or you just want to make your own money, you have a growth mindset and have dreams you're following or want to follow but at the same time you don't believe in or want to hustle and kill yourself to achieve it. Staying healthy, being at peace, and thriving in all aspects of life are priorities and you don't believe succeeding in all that you want has to come at the expense of those things. Maybe you just want to embrace slow living and being lazy - you're welcome here too! This space, the Gold Blooms Society, is for all the people who agree with me when I say, "hustle culture was created by men who are driven by their egos and want to feel like whatever they're doing is important so they create urgency and fires around situations that can be easily tackled slowly and calmly."


Join me in redefining what hustle means - let's normalize being soft and going at our own paces while still working hard to achieve our definitions of success. Engage in the conversation and be a part of a community of Gold Blooms supporting each other. Follow along as we grow!

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Equip yourself with the tools to shine. From entrepreneurship to mindfulness, I plan on creating digital workbooks and guides tailored to help you get to whatever next step your struggling to reach.

I'm just getting started and have plans for more, but for now - to kick things off - I've created a foundational blueprint workbook for anybody who wants to start their own business but doesn't know how or where to start.

Check out The Dreamer's Do-Book and let me know what you think!


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