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Breaking the Chains of Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to the inaugural post of Growing in Gold! I want to jump right in and talk about a subject I feel very strongly about and encounter within friends and family on a consistent basis – the hidden obstacles we face in our pursuit of excellence, happiness, and self-fulfillment: our limiting beliefs. These are silent saboteurs, often lying in the backdrop of our minds, dictating our actions, decisions, and perceptions.

Limiting beliefs are like road blocks and diversions in life.


Let's start by understanding the anatomy of these beliefs. A limiting belief can emerge from past experiences, societal norms, peer pressure, or even parental influence. For example, if you've ever heard (or told yourself) things like "I'm not good at math," "People like us don't succeed," “I’ll never be able to earn that kind of income,” or "It's too late for me to start," you've encountered a limiting belief.

While some of these beliefs might seem harmless, the cumulative effect of carrying them is heavy. It's akin to walking with a backpack full of stones; each limiting belief adds weight, slowing your progress and making each step harder.


Moreover, these beliefs aren't confined to a particular domain of your life. A limiting belief in one area can have a ripple effect on other areas too. For instance, if you believe you're 'not good enough' in a professional context, this could influence your personal relationships, leading you to settle for less than what you deserve, or refraining from expressing your feelings or setting boundaries.

Limiting beliefs can result in negative manifestation.

I would even go so far as to compare limiting beliefs to parasites living within our minds. They can be incredibly powerful and have the potential to stop dreams in their tracks before they can get oxygen to become something tangible and blind us to incredible opportunities within our reach.

They may seem like no big deal and something everyone has, but they are essentially the antithesis of positive self-talk. With strong enough limiting beliefs, you may very well manifest events you don’t want to happen but had convinced yourself were inevitabilities, which further validates your limiting beliefs rooting them deeper in your mind. A negative manifestation cycle if you will.


Of course, I have my own limiting beliefs and have had limiting beliefs in the past that I’ve successfully stamped out of my mind. I’ve learned and now regularly practice tactics to combat these destructive thoughts whenever they pop up unwelcome. The ones I practice most often and find the most success in personally are reframing, visualization, and positive self-talk.

I will quite literally talk to myself in the mirror every morning and tell myself exactly what I need to hear and visualize in order to achieve what I know I want. I do this until I truly and deeply believe it and then continue to do it. It could take weeks or months for that to happen depending on how ingrained your limiting beliefs are and you might feel silly at first, but please trust me when I say it works and you won’t feel silly when you finally start to believe what you’re saying to yourself.

If you think this is woo-woo bullshit, I’m here to tell you right now that it’s not. In short, by practicing these actions consistently, you’re retraining your brain. This works by using the brain's ability to grow and change through a process called neuroplasticity. This is also exactly how manifestation works, but more on that later!

Here are some tools you can use to address your own limiting beliefs:

  • Awareness is Key: Before we can challenge and change a limiting belief, we must first recognize it. Journaling can be a powerful tool. Make a list of beliefs that are holding you back and reflect on their origins.

  • Question Their Validity: Are these beliefs based on factual evidence? More often than not, our limiting beliefs are based on skewed perceptions, not reality.

  • Reframe and Replace: If you think, "I'm not good at public speaking," reframe it to, "I'm improving my public speaking skills every day." Positive affirmations can gradually overwrite limiting beliefs.

  • Seek External Perspectives: Sometimes, we're too close to the situation to see clearly. Discussing your beliefs with a trusted friend, mentor, or coach can offer fresh perspectives and insights.

  • Visualize Success: Imagine a version of yourself unburdened by these beliefs. How would that person act, think, or feel? Visualization can propel you towards that ideal state.

  • Invest in Continuous Learning: The more we learn and expose ourselves to different viewpoints, the easier it becomes to challenge our pre-existing beliefs.

The Journey to Limitless Thinking

When you ditch your limiting beliefs it can feel like the world opens up with possibilities.

Remember, while identifying and addressing limiting beliefs might be a continuous journey, the rewards are immense. As you free yourself from these chains, you'll uncover layers of potential you never knew existed. Your relationships will become richer, goals more attainable, and your overall life experience more fulfilling.

In the subsequent posts of Growing in Gold, I'll delve deeper into practical tools and techniques that will aid you in this transformative journey as well as expand more on neuroplasticity and manifestation among many other things. But for now, remember this: The most significant barriers often reside within us, but with awareness and effort, they can be dismantled. Embrace the limitless potential that lies ahead.


Do you struggle with limiting beliefs? Have they ever stopped you from going after something you know you really wanted?

  • Yes, I have limiting beliefs and they hold me back.

  • Yes, I have limiting beliefs but they don't stop me.

  • I have some, but I've worked on them a lot.

  • No, I don't have limiting beliefs.



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